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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

True facts about me - Sagittarius The Archer

well as we know I'm born on 10th December 1991 * if you now. haha *. So that means that I am Sagittarius in astrology means. It doesn't mean that I do believe in these kind of stuff. Allah knows us better than we do even know about ourselves. But I can't help it but these facts are so very true about me. Assuming that as a people we must find our facts about ourselves because it won't show up by itself unless you find yourself what you really are. Don't get me wrong . So these are the characteristics of Sagittarius which is me :)
  • A Sagittarius can be quite wise people due to their great openness to try new things, and learn as much as they can.
  • Sagittarius commands respect and loyalty.
  • Sagittarius likes to travel and likes to see new exciting places.
  • Sagittarius, You want to see the world and understand it, which is why your sign rules travel, philosophy, religion, and law.
  • Sagittarius will always have a mask on covering their true emotions. You don’t need to know unless they want you to know.
  • Sagittarius, rarely tell people that they like or love them, even though they expect those people to know.
  • A Sagittarius is intuitive and reflective. They like to plan everything.
  • Innately logical, Sagittarius learns easily. They are able to switch from subject to subject with ease as their curiosity is never ending.
  • One issue a Sagittarius often seem to face it the inability to live in the present, as they are so focused on the future.
  • Sagittarius are the type to give a dollar away to the homeless person.
  • Sagittarius know that sharing is caring.
  • Everyone a Sagittarius ever loved holds a special place in their heart forever.

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