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Monday, November 12, 2012

How I screw up a relationship

for a very long time, i wonder how and why...despite of me loving someone unconditionally, those people will end up leaving and never returned.

1) Frequently having an emotional breakdown - I seriously don't know why, but most of the time of the week, i'll have like a very depressing day. Nobody can stand this, unless they have few good memories that they've enjoyed with me.

2) I am very slow at interpreting other's emotion - yeah i admit i really wan't other people to understand me all the time....but i'll never intend to understand them in return *yeah, guilty*. It's like for me, why do i have to take time to get to know people, while i still don't know myself yet.

3) Hotheaded - very easily getting mad. well yeah, i'm still lacking in anger-management. sometimes i just spill my anger out on somebody that pissed me off. It IS bad....but i really do easily cool off...and 100% guarantee i will not remember what wrong that people have done to me. The type of person who easily forgive & forget. :)

4) Intolerance - I don't care what people must go through to make me happy...if they make me upset, i just don't care to listen to their excuses & good reasons why they are late or didn't return my call or text.

5) Selfish - I just blurted out any words that i wan't to say if i'm angry to other people. I don't care whether they will become upset or not. I just ignore them if I feel uneasy..and i push them to follow whatever things that they have to do to make myself happy.

that's all i can think of for now. And yes, i have to stop complaining why i'm alone all my life. Not a single day passed by without feeling lonely. I can change. I need to change.

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