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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Irresistible Monthly Shopping

I'm not sure whether I should be satisfied after getting all these stuff that I bought which is mostly my favs...or should be frowned by the fact that so much money were spent T_T like A LOT. Dah harus menahan diri dari shopping dlm masa 3-4bulan ni. Tolong la Salma..please kawal napsu tuh. So this is a few of stuff yg rasa2 nak di dokumentasikan..bukan utk review watsoev. Mula2 niat nak teman Yana je pegi CIMB. eh konon la kan. Lepastu bila dah jalan terkedek2 depan kedai2 Vincci n so on so on kat KLCC, mmg kerat jari la klw tak cuba singgah or atleast tunjuk batang hidung kt kedai2 tu. 

yg paling tak disangka2..those shopping bags above contains barang yg tak SE-MAHAL barang yg beli dkt Watson. Makeup is the most thing i've spent for on this day & majority is from drugstore product. 

Watson - RM260.00
Vincci - RM80
M.A.C - RM148
Chamelon - RM38+

Yes..dalam masa satu hari. I know...

Face product...
yeap those are from watson. Memang super duper in love dgn foundation L'oreal. Revlon Colorstay tu..okay. Sangat long lasting walaupun berpeluh foundation still mantain. Cuma tak berkenan sikit dgn Revlon Colorstay ni...bila kena atas akan oxidized. SO kulit jd 2-3tone lagi gelap masa pakai. Bagus utk coverage & agak longlasting...tak buat kulit berminyak or berjerawat if pilih formula utk kulit oily/combination skin. Tapi yg tak best kulit jd gelap. Definitely going to finish COlorstay...but not going to repurchase. For L'oreal True Match Super Blendable..I definitely going to repurchase

Lipstick..super matte & colour cantik. Matte Coral PInk
Ni first time spent money on SimplySiti product. Nice matte coral pink color..tapi bibir agak kering lepas pakai. Maybe I should wear a lip butter before applying this.

For the M.A.C packaging..nothing extravagant. Tapi...

I'm so inlove with these babies. Lipstick ni warna with a creamy texture & formula...ala2 coral pink to be exact..but texture ni compared to Simplysiti..mmg MAC better. Sangat creamy so bibir tak nampak kering..warna pun just nice..tak striking. tapi utk balance our look, pipi kne letak blusher sket supaya muka tak nampak pucat. Lipstick ni sgt matte. But seriously it worth every penny. Muka nampak sweet je klw will look younger.  do I have to say more about lipgloss? oh gosh it is also worth to buy. I think both lipstick & gloss mmg creamy's very nice..and lips won't look chapped. i'll give MAC 5/5 star for these. Definitely going to repurchase

word can't describe how happy I am lepas beli makeup2 baru ni. Moving on to other stuff..ada beli jugak few nice thing mcm earrings, ring...and what else? Shoe ofcourse!

left shoe gave me nothing but a pain for the whole day. Haven't wore the leopard shoe yet. sayangggg
I've bought these both for RM80. there is a promotion which you can get selected two flats pump for RM80. I admit, memang suka sgt2 warna kasut coklat tu. tapi, sakit giler pakai sbb salah beli saiz kasut. Saiz 6 tibai je saiz 5. NI la jadinye..padan muka. 

So that's it..brg2 yg dibeli. I love MAC stuff the most..and regret the chocolate flats from Vincci. harap2 lepas ni dah tak boros lagi. Simpan duit dey..mahu beli buku maa~~~!

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