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Friday, March 4, 2011

You know what I hate? Teenagers who disrespect their parents.

always see people complaining about how much they hate their parents and saying stuff like “fuck my parents” or something like that. I think that this is wrong, unless you’re being sexually abused by your parents or something like that. Just because your parents don’t agree with some of your ideas doesn’t mean that you get the right to hate them. Your parents are the ones that pay for your shit. They pay for your school fees, your housing, your food and water, etc. They’re the ones who pay for you to get stoned and high or whatever else you do with their money. There aren’t any parents that I know who don’t want the best for their children. Whatever they’re telling you to do/wanting you to do, they’re doing their best to try steer you in the right directions. No matter what it is they’re saying, in the end they’re doing what they think is best for you. So don’t hate your parents because of a disagreement. Don’t wreck their house by throwing a party to ‘get back’ at them. They’re the ones that created you, bought you into this world, made you who are you today. I’m not asking you to love your parents (even though you should), I’m asking you to show them respect and try see things from their point of view. Do it before it’s too late.

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  1. people are not grateful enough.

    some will regret for not having done anything for their parent. well thats what we called "fucked up"